Kuala Lumpur
2 years experience

1. Familiar with mainstream database or middleware, understand the principle of database, and have experience in maintenance, migration or backup for one of the mainstream databases (such as Oracle, mysql or SQL server).

2. Be familiar with virtualization architectures such as OpenStack and mainstream public cloud services. Be able to clearly describe their working principles and basic architecture logic. Have a certain understanding of the differences between cloud services of different brands;

3. Have experience in operation and maintenance of IT infrastructure (including server, storage, database, network, middleware, mainstream file system); Experience in enterprise-level application architecture design or cloud service integration implementation is preferred;

4. Familiar with python or other language, able to use the shell script;

5. Have general knowledge of the test process. Be able to use the Jmeter or loadrunner. Be able to compile test scripts based on the application scenarios provided by the customer

6. Familiar with common operating systems (Linux/Windows), network-related knowledge (DNS/BGP/VPN/ELB/IP), software development, Internet after-sales service, or O&M experience is preferred.

7. Have excellent documentation capabilities and be able to compile technical documents proficiently. Good communication, coordination and resource integration skills;

8. Have a background in any industry and have experience in cloud computing delivery, design, migration, and service."

Responsibilities/ Scopes

1. Understand the business scenarios of large and medium-sized enterprises, cooperate with the IT, application architecture of the enterprise, sort out and analyze the existing IT architecture of the customers, and promote the landing, implementation and delivery of the design solutions provided by the pre-sales architects;

2. Based on the customer's business requirements and HUAWEI CLOUD technical architecture,, develop service solutions that meet customer requirements;

3. Have some experience in P2V/V2V migration, assess the migration of customers' existing application systems and data to HUAWEI CLOUD. Design and implement migration solutions, manage and provide technical support for the entire migration process. 

4. Regularly communicate with key customers (on-site or remotely) to ensure the healthy and stable running of cloud services and improve customer experience.

Working Hours
Company Size

Total > 500 employees

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