Kuala Lumpur
2 years experience

    Strong organizational skills in order to maintain company records and file important documents effectively
    Strong communication skills
    Ability to work with various team members
    Ability to solve administrative problems without supervision
    Excellent typing skills for helping to draft company memos and take notes in meetings
    Ability to switch between tasks easily when priorities shift
    Knowledge of basic computer programs such as Microsoft Office
    Basic accounting skills or help with processing payment from customers and clients

Responsibilities/ Scopes

    Filling and letters, sorting out daily emails, answering phone calls from customers and clients while also directing them to the appropriate staff member
    Greeting clients and customers upon entering the company building and helping them find the right staff member or room for their appointment
    Helping to set up office meetings by making sure the conference room is well-equipped with office supplies, food, and drinks
    Composing letters or emails to vendors, clients, or customers on behalf of the company
    Performing administrative tasks such as paper shredding, copying, or printing material for staff members
    Coordinating with third-party vendors such as maintenance workers on behalf of the company
    Organizing company records and memos to ensure they can be easily found when required
    Taking notes in company meetings and distributing notes to company executives afterward

Company Size

Total 1 - 9 employees

Employee Benefits
  • KWSP
  • Socso
  • SIP
  • Medical
  • Bous

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