Sri KDU Sdn Bhd Full Time


Sri KDU Sdn Bhd


3 years experience

• Bachelor's Degree in Geography or related field

• At least 3 years of teaching experience at the National Lower Secondary School levels

• Excellent management and organisational skills

• Good interpersonal and communication skills

• Able to work independently

• IT literate

Responsibilities/ Scopes

• Plan, prepare and implement programmes of study, schemes of work, and lesson plans in accordance with standards set forth by the school

• Teach the content from the latest KSSM syllabus

• Design and develop appropriate instructional materials

• Conduct high quality teaching as appropriate and as instructed by the Academic Department.

• Participate proactively in all department's activities and invigilate examinations when required.

• Assist and engage in all school events

• Make use of new technologies to enhance the quality of teaching and learning for all students.

• Maintain and update student attendance records, grades and varied required records.

• Carry out homeroom duties as assigned by the school

• Is up-to-date with teaching practices and methodology, in general, and the curriculum area of the related subjects

• Maintain and sustain an orderly-working atmosphere in the classroom by following the school’s policies on pastoral care, discipline, health and safety and equal opportunities

• Liaise positively with parents and any stakeholders where appropriate.

• Attend meetings, training sessions, online workshops, and other continuing education initiatives.

Company Size

Total > 500 employees

Employee Benefits
  • Medical Benefit
  • Group Hospitalisation Insurance
  • Group Personal Accident Insurance
  • Dental
  • Optical
  • Leave
  • Others

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