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Warehouse Assistant

Big Box Ventures


Kuala Lumpur
1 year experience

- Organized and motivated warehouse assistant to join our facility

- Work as an active team member to complete team goals

- SPM / STPM, fresh graduated are welcome.

- Physically fit and able to lift and move stock in a safe manner

- Able to perform simple data entry using computer

- Pays attention to detail and monitors the quality of inventory

- Must follow all health and safety procedure and regulations as dictated by the organization and the state

- Able to work independently

- Able to work overtime on weekday if the order still remaining. Working on Saturday will be an optional. (If needed)

Responsibilities/ Scopes

We are looking for a warehouse assistant who will be responsible to perform warehouse and inventory management as well as the order picking and packing process. This role requires coordination across departments, most often with managing warehouse, inventory, picking, and packing processes. We are seeking candidates with good coordinating skills and manners. 


- Check the physical goods received match the order from E-commerce platform.

- To store goods in proper arrangement and safe conditions.

- Stack and organize large bulky items

- Move inventory and materials across facilities

- Process inventory for delivery

- Sort, organize, and store inventory in proper location

- Report damaged or missing inventory to supervisors

- Pick and pack activities and to ensure correct item being packed, with the right quantity, lot number, expiry date for delivery.

- Scan delivered items and ensure quality

- To ensure timely completion of pick and pack to meet cut-off time for delivery.

Stock Management

- Preparing short expiry report

- Participate in Cycle Count Weekly and Annual Stock Count

- Investigate inventory movement history for discrepancy to be reconciled.

- To ensure physical inventory is tally with book quantity

- To have in place an accurate reflection of the Inventory status where physical inventory and system must tally and be accurate by implementing Monthly Cycle Counts / Stock Count Activities

- Responsible for stock accuracy between system and physical stocks, and to conduct investigations to resolve discrepancies

Safety Awareness

- Must care for your safety while doing your routine jobs

- To follow all times, the safety and working procedures of the Company and to ensure a safe working environment for everyone

- To ensure the hygiene and safety guideline in the warehouse are being adhered to all the time

- To immediately report any safety breaches to Warehouse supervisor.

- Notify Supervisor of all near misses and injuries

Working Hours
Company Size

Total 1 - 9 employees

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