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Prima Advantage was established in 2011 as an authorized representative of AIA Malaysia & Public Takaful. We're involved in the financial business, offering financial protection plans and services which are customized to individuals and corporate clients.

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Journey Life Assurance Logo

Journey Life Assurance

Journey Life Assurance is an agency company that has been operated since February 2020. Our vision :Journey - Creating life changing journey and legacy for families.Life - Encouraging work-life integrationAssurance - Building customer trusted service & branding. Our mission :Journey - To ensure financial securities and confidence in every stages of life.Life - To strike balance in work and life by blending in responsibilities.Assurance - To deliver optimal service to customer by accommodating and fulfilling needs and wants. Journey LIfe Assurance provides more that just a wide range of financial services such as financial planning, retirement and protection plans - we seek to build a long lasting relationship with our clients to discover what really matters to them along life's journeys. Before we start thinking about the advice and services we can offer you, we take the time to understand what us unique about you, what is important to you and what you would like to achieve in life. We provide time tested and thoroughly researched strategies tailor made to your specific needs rather than offering you the latest unproven scheme in the market. Journey LIfe Assurance is under Prudential Insurance Malaysia 

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YSS Risk Management Consultancy had been established since 2008.  We are one of the fast growing company whom had serve more than 10,000 individuals and business customers around in Malaysia. We focus on assisting our clients with financial risk management by giving advisory and provide suitable financial products. We are also providing career oppurtunities to fresh graduates as we believe in young entrepreneurship.

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Evolution Group Logo

Evolution Group

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TGC Asia Sdn Bhd Logo

TGC Asia Sdn Bhd

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Max Mission Management Logo

Max Mission Management

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Gao Fei Agency Logo

Gao Fei Agency

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AWG Agency Logo

AWG Agency

AWG Team is a young and potential great team who provide Estate Planning & Wealth Management Services. 【Our Missions】 Provide professional estate planning & wealth management to individual, family & corporate to achieve a better life. Provide a career opportunity towards financial freedom. Utilize team resources to make customers grow together. 【Our Vision】 Build A High Income (10k-30k Monthly) and Youthful Insurance Planner Team 

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New Heart Network Logo

New Heart Network

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Anglo East (M) Sdn Bhd Logo

Anglo East (M) Sdn Bhd

Anglo East Group is an international jewellery block insurance and security company which provide services in 5 countries. Anglo East has been in Malaysia for over 30 years. It's now time for young generation to help drive the company in to this face-pace world. So, we are now looking for dedicated, passionate people to join our team and grow stronger together!

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Zeneration Agency (Andrew Liao Agency) Logo

Zeneration Agency (Andrew Liao Agency)

Zeneration is a group of dedicated and responsible in wealth planner that is focused on providing insurance and takaful protection for the people in Malaysia. Located at Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Zeneration is one of the top 10 insurance agencies in the central region. Overall, Zeneration has helped thousands of Malaysians find the best insurance policy for themselves and their family hence achieving awards from the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) and Prudential Million Dollar Agency Awards. 

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IMM International is a consulting and publishing company that specializes in serving the insurance industry by distributing insurance marketing-related information to the insurance agencies. Headquartered in Taiwan, the company has been established for 41 years since 1983. To serve worldwide Chinese insurance advisers, we have set up global service centers in Taiwan, China, and Southeast Asia. Currently, we have 3 branches in Taiwan, 11 branches in Mainland China, and 1 branch in Malaysia. Our business covers 17 countries and regions around the world. We publish professional insurance and financial planning publications, provide training courses and financial planning certification, organize international insurance conferences, as well as set up international standards and awards for the industry. 我们公司名称为保险行销集团。 我们不销售保险,我们是保险专业资讯的领航员,专门服务保险行业传递行销保险相关资讯的企业。 集团自1983年成立至今已41年了,我们是一家国际性的公司。从台湾出发为服务世界华人保险从业人员,分别在台湾、 东南亚、大陆设立服务据点,目前台湾有3家分公司,中国大陆有11家分公司,马来西亚有1家分公司。 我们的业务遍布全球17个国家和地区,主要经营项目是为金融保险从业人员出版专业书籍和杂志、提供培训课程与财务 规划相关证照,举办国际性的保险行业交流会议、设立国际性的行业标准及荣誉奖项。

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New Heart Network Agency Logo

New Heart Network Agency

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PT Wealth Consultancy Sdn Bhd Logo

PT Wealth Consultancy Sdn Bhd

There are three founders of legend. Among them, LouisGui is also the Director of PT wealth Consultancy Sdn Bhd. The company address is in BBK and registered with SSM in 2020. We are an insurance industry, an insurance agency company. The job content is insurance protection, financial planning and so on.

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Gan Hong Huat Logo

Gan Hong Huat

STABLE and WELL ESTABLISHED company.HARMONY and FRIENDLY working environment.We work as a TEAM and GROWING TOGETHER.CAREER ADVANCEMENT opportunities.What's in it for you?    Product training and sales techniques coaching will be provided.    Lucrative commission based on performance.

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MVP Great Union Group Logo

MVP Great Union Group

We are a team of Wealth Advisors under AIA Berhad and AIA Public Takaful who passionate in assisting our clients achieve their Financial Success. Our clients finds our method unique and helpful from planning, execution to protecting their financial plans for their family. Our agency is a Platform to Success for Young Entrepreneurs to start their financial franchise business.   Since inception, we have been placing development of talents as our core focus. Through our Training System, our team members achieve success in a fast pace. We have groomed a number of Million Dollar Round Tables (MDRTs) and Million Dollar Agencies (MDA).           

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We Success Rich Agency @ SRA505 Group is a firm that protect the lives of clients by providing financial services as listed below and provide opportunity for ordinary people (e.g employee/worker) to become extraordinary (e.g business owner/boss) by achieving their dreams with Zero investment.SRA is a tied agency with Manulife Financial (Manulife Insurance Berhad & Manulife Asset Management Services Berhad) in terms providing Health & Wealth Service to our clients.Our service definition:Insurance is a contract between Insurance Policy Holder and an Insurer or Assurer, where the insurer promises to pay designated beneficiary a sum of money in exchange for a premium, in term one or more specified events occur in the future.Unit trust is a collective investment scheme that allow investors to poll their money together in a fund managed by professional fund managers, who will buy variety of different holdings, to achieve potential good or high returns to investor.PRS is a voluntary long term savings and investment scheme designed to help you save more for retirement.We strive to connect you with the most suitable plan or package within budget.Our primary goal has been to make the insurance process uncomplicated and provide services that is both reliable and easy for all clients. SRA currently offer services to clients from various states throughout Malaysia in Johor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

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Pana Harrison Malaysia Logo

Pana Harrison Malaysia

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TSH Wealth And Estate Planning Sdn Bhd Logo

TSH Wealth And Estate Planning Sdn Bhd

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FiREZ Consultancy Logo

FiREZ Consultancy

ABOUT FiREZ FiREZ Consultancy is an excellence financial planning and consultation company. Our company established in Malaysia with our headquarters situated in Penang. Energetic and Supportive environment where our team grow and strive together for a better future. FiREZ Consultancy is an agency under Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB).   ABOUT PRUDENTIAL Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB) was established in Malaysia in 1924. New business Sales include both Life Insurance and Takaful contributions.  As a leading and innovative insurer, PAMB serves the savings, protection and investment needs of Malaysians by offering a full range of financial solutions through its branches and bancassurance distribution partners network nationwide.  

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