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RA Solution Sdn Bhd Logo

RA Solution Sdn Bhd

RA SOLUTION SDN BHD  was established in 2013. We are a consultancy planner is responsible to provide various investor consultative to our clients, rangin on refinance advice and planning. We are situated in the centre of the Financial hub in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.Our company has dedicated employees working together towards a common goal of achieving excellence.We are a company focused on talent development to help build our expanding business.We are looking for proactive people, with the zeal to excel together with the company to join our team. RA SOLUTION SDN BHD 成立于 2013 年。我们是一家咨询规划师,负责为我们的客户提供各种投资者咨询,包括再融资建议和规划。我们位于雪兰莪八打灵再也金融中心的中心。我们公司拥有敬业的员工,为了实现卓越的共同目标而共同努力。我们是一家专注于人才发展以帮助建立我们不断扩大的业务的公司。我们正在寻找积极进取、有志于与公司一起出类拔萃的人加入我们的团队。

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Roset Limousine Services Pte Ltd Logo

Roset Limousine Services Pte Ltd

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YSS Risk Management Consultancy had been established since 2008.  We are one of the fast growing company whom had serve more than 10,000 individuals and business customers around in Malaysia. We focus on assisting our clients with financial risk management by giving advisory and provide suitable financial products. We are also providing career oppurtunities to fresh graduates as we believe in young entrepreneurship.

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First Class Network Sdn Bhd Logo

First Class Network Sdn Bhd

First Class Advisory was founded since 2010 and has deep expertise in financial industry. We offer exclusive and tailor-made financial solutions to our clients by assisting them and obtaining Banks loan and resolving Banks debts. We providing advisory services like Personal loan, Mirco Financing , Business loan , P2P , Mortgage loan and Debt Management Program to individuals and SMEs. 100% of the funds are from Banks.We believe that every client deserves a profesional solution to their financial problems and needs. 

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Finsource Sdn Bhd Logo

Finsource Sdn Bhd

Finsource provides corporate and business coaching that are designed to inspire owners of SMEs, and to cultivate good corporate governance, and positive images of their business, as well as to assist them in achieving a greater height and milestones in their business. In addition, Finsource provides trainings on enhancing business model, marketing strategy, and branding for SMEs Business Owners. We also provide consultancy on accounting standards, proper keeping of accounting records, corporate governance and cash flow management to small and medium enterprises in Malaysia.  

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Young Eagle Generation (YEG) Logo

Young Eagle Generation (YEG)

YEG (transform your life) is a young and energetic Financial Service Agency .At YEG, the client’s satisfaction is our top priority. Our agents are ready to provide the best service to our clients all over Malaysia.YEG has generated a group of aggressive, energetic and high-performing agents via the most famous psychology training – Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).   YEG provided professional training like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for all the members to enhance their Selling, Recruiting and Coaching skills. YEG have 3 Certified NLP Practitioner in the house, and they provides 25 kinds of NLP technique to increased member's Self- Confident, and all of our members manage to build good rapport with prospects in just a minutes of time.

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Talreso Advisory Logo

Talreso Advisory

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Blue Umbrella Sdn. Bhd. Logo

Blue Umbrella Sdn. Bhd.

Blue Umbrella is a global tech-enabled services company that is changing how companies manage risk in their business relationships. Our mission, Making Business Better, inspires us to innovate in how we deliver our products andservices to clients. With operations in Hong Kong, New Delhi, Penang, Vancouver, Portland, São Paulo and London, we are proud to conduct research in over 30 global languages.

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Payong is a Malaysia-based Islamic Financial Technology company which provides instalment plans & Shariah-Compliant alternative financing solutions to healthcare businesses & patients.

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IGC Holding Sdn Bhd Logo

IGC Holding Sdn Bhd

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RPP Advisory Group Logo

RPP Advisory Group

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Vaersa Tax Services Sdn Bhd Logo

Vaersa Tax Services Sdn Bhd

Vaersa is a firm that breaks the mould of the accountant stereotype. Founded on an entrepreneurial culture of high energy, effective decision making and execution excellence, our business model combines consulting skill and innovation with real world expertise in the financial services sphere. Members of our team come diverse backgrounds yet all bring to the table unique skills to ensure efficient and meticulous scrutiny and analysis of your business. We, at Vaersa do not just propose solutions, we work with you to navigate a turbulent business environment so that you can maximise your strengths and fulfill your potential . With our full spectrum of expertise in financial services, we help clients meet today’s challenges to exploit tomorrow’s opportunities.

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Intan Angie Agency Logo

Intan Angie Agency

We are an insurance agency based in Kuching that is dedicated to delivering effective and efficient solutions, respectful services with integrity, and accountability towards our beloved clients.We are an agency unit under Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (107655-U) and are based in Kuching, Sarawak

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De infinity Logo

De infinity

We are a Life Business solution house for business owner. A company that build succession plan for BO and Client. We are a fastest growing company in its class and we are looking for new Talent to join our family to growth and learn to become Entrepreneurship.

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Glory Victory Group Logo

Glory Victory Group

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Top Mortgage Solution Sdn Bhd Logo

Top Mortgage Solution Sdn Bhd

Top Mortgage Solution specialises in helping professional & aspiring property investors. With more than 10 Years of specialist experience in property investment loans, and a genuine commitment to helping you get the right loan (and loan structure) for your situation. Top Mortgage Solution is the number one choice for professional and aspiring property investors. We’ve helped hundreds of people get the right loan and their achieve their goals. From high-income investors and large companies to self-employed clients, first home buyers and house hunters hoping to refinance in a hurry.Top Mortgage Solution’s strategic approach and concierge service is specifically designed to give busy property investors the help you need to maximise your overall property investment results.

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