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SSM Registration Code: 1168688-K

Total 50 - 99 employees

8-G, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang 1, 10470, Penang, Malaysia

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Started from a burger stand in Penang, SPADE'S BURGER is a purveyor of affordable handcrafted gourmet burgers

We sold our first burger from a stand back in 2013 when burgers and charcoal buns were a trend. The concept behind Spade's Burger was and has remained simple, "serve really, really good burgers and make them affordable".

​A great emphasis is placed on the taste and quality of our food. Our menu is constantly improved and updated while new products are introduced on a regular basis.

​From Penang to Perak, and now Klang Valley and Johor, our outlets are kept simple and homely as we focus mainly on the food itself.

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