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Innity Sdn Bhd Logo

Innity Sdn Bhd

Established in 1999, we are the leading online media company and provider of digital advertising, marketing and social commerce technologies for brands, agencies, advertisers and publishers.  Innity provides a diverse range of data-driven, interactive, and engaging online marketing solutions: Display/Video/Mobile advertising Influencer Marketing Premium Publisher Marketplace Content Marketing Programmatic Media Buying Solution Social Commerce Solution

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Pacific Asiawide Corporation Sdn Bhd Logo

Pacific Asiawide Corporation Sdn Bhd

Pacific Asiawide Corporation is the fastest growing marketing firm in the region. Due to the lack of effective results from traditional advertising methods (newspaper, radio and television), in addition to the rising costs of advertising, more and more clients are contracting us to be their face-to-face advertising agency. It's simple, powerful and effective. We have a fast paced working environment filled with motivated and talented individuals that work together to build their career while building our client's consumer base and brand awareness. We have launched a few products, representing international and national clients. This rapid client expansion encourages us to coach inexperienced people for professional opportunities. We need several individuals to work alongside us for campaign development by mid of May 2022. New people means new ideas! We provide extensive training for successful candidates. Positions available are ideal for graduates, people looking to gain experience, and/or seasoned individuals looking for a change in career. Our company prides itself in the extensive support system available to every individual within the organisation to develop talent and facilitate personal growth. We are looking to develop highly motivated individuals in the area of campaign management.                                          

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We, SBS Digital Media Sdn Bhd (Formerly known as SBS Media Group Sdn Bhd) located at Bandar Sri Damansara, Kepong. We carry on business a digital & print media, event management, public relations, advertising & marketing, publishing the magazine. Shanghai Business Media was founded in 1979, and it was the first Chinese Business magazine in Malaysia. In 2018, we have revolutionized from traditional business magazines into digital business media, and became the most influential platform which gathered numerous successful Chinese entrepreneurs all around the world. After 43 years of tempering, we have gathered popularity through online and offline platforms. Despite that, we also have professional and experienced marketing strategy teams supported by a knowledgeable advisory group. Our Mission To provide a professional platform in promoting the relationship between businesses and entrepreneurs. Our Vision In addition of creating a win-win situation platform, we also make good use of the resources we have to help achieve greater success in business.

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Sutra Adv Group Logo

Sutra Adv Group

Sutra Adv Group is owned by Megat Mohammad Naimullah Bin Azlan.    We are an outsourced sales and marketing agency that tailored to the needs of our clients. We serve our clients in order to promote their brand, product, or service, which means that the client comes to us for marketing solutions, which we provide through face to face activation. We help our clients by spreading awareness of their brand, then advertising their exclusive offers and bundles, and ultimately selling and activating the packages.   Since 2020, Sutra Advertising Group has been collaborate closely with several division clients. We were founded on a strong desire to provide brands with the high-quality creative services they require to stay competitive  and we will not stop until we achieve those results.   Mission – to accelerate face to face marketing in every aspect     Vision - Premier sales activation agency delivering high quality, high volume, and maintain long term customer as well as enhancing client brand and reputation     Major Business activities – Serve our client needs in order to promote their brands, products, and services which we offer through face to face channel via business to business (B2B) , business to consumer (B2C), events and roadshow.

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Caveman Group Sdn Bhd Logo

Caveman Group Sdn Bhd

Caveman Group is made up of a talented youthful team with a passion for digital marketing. We have a very strong desire to develop solutions to help business owners to excel and grow their businesses in the digital world. Countless brainstorming sessions have led us to find solutions to various digital marketing challenges We have the best strategy to boost your Digital Marketing presence. With an effective online marketing campaign by Caveman Group, there would be a significant increase in your online enquiries, sales, and also ROIs. Through the use of our Digital Marketing services, we have helped many clients to build and enhance their online presence and online sales conversion strategy Our years of experience in digital marketing have prepared us to provide the most successful digital marketing campaigns for our clients from different industries. We specialize in digital marketing services such as Social Media Advertising, Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design & Development and Graphic Design. Whatever you are trying to achieve with your digital transformation objectives - scale-up your businesses, better customer engagement, adapt to market, innovation or sustainability - Caveman has a toolbox with complementary skills and experience to become a vital part of your team to execute.

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ABOUT US: A comprehensive ecosystem that serves as an academy, co-working space and all-in solution, for dealers and dropshippers, to guide, consult and build online business.We provide marketing tools support, sales management and skills training to onlinepreneur from amateur level to professional level, with strong culture and system. 关于我们: 是一间提供有效网络营销技巧和培训来挈提其会员的学院。凭借设备齐全的共同工作区和物流支援, 旨在为各行各业的人们提供平等的机会,让其实现财务和时间自由的状态。由经年丰富的在线营销领导团创建,致力打造一支满活力的团队, 并以每人都有机会接触在线业务为其使命。 无论你是新生还是专业,我们都会提供网络营销素材, 销售管理和技能培训,并且以较强的文化和体系支持着整体营运

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AO Advertising Solution Logo

AO Advertising Solution

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Mix Media Agency (M) Sdn Bhd Logo

Mix Media Agency (M) Sdn Bhd

Mix Media Agency values the relationship with the aspiration to assist more SMEs in achieving their marketing and sales goals. The ultimate goal of Mix Media is to become a full online marketing and branding solution provider that assists its clients to achieve their online goals with the power of various digital marketing services. With strict Marketing Budget Efficiency proved formulae, that Mix Media Agency created, we advertise the SME Companies when they are ready in terms of marketing, business model, etc. 

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Admiral Digital Sdn Bhd Logo

Admiral Digital Sdn Bhd

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AE Creativ Media sdn bhd Logo

AE Creativ Media sdn bhd

We are the DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGIST, specializing in 360’ digital marketing solutions. Providing businesses with digital media marketing innovative solutions to help them achieve their digital marketing goals with proven methods.Specializing in providing effective visual content that will help your branding makes a difference and stand out. We strive to give your customers the “WOW!This is it…" moment when they come across the marketing content, we helped you with.Our Profile: https://www.facebook.com/masteralextan/  https://www.facebook.com/aecreativmedia 

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Titan Beverages (TS) Sdn Bhd Logo

Titan Beverages (TS) Sdn Bhd

Tiger Sugar is a popular bubble tea brand originating from Taiwan. It is most famous for its Brown Sugar Boba Milk drink. It currently has branches all over the world. The Birth of a Tiger Sugar With humble beginnings in Taichung, Taiwan, in 2017, Tiger Sugar has grown into an undisputed cult brand of Boba worldwide. The original brown sugar bubble tea with fresh cream and a unique tiger stripe design.⁣ Others have tried to imitate but can't compare to the quality and care that goes into our 8-hour preparation. At Tiger Sugar Malaysia, we serve our customers with our heart and we treat them as our family. Therefore we are looking for potential candidates who intend to explore and grow in the F&B industry. Looking for experienced or non-experienced members to join our team! Must have a great attitude and great personality! Your ultimate goal will be to provide high quality services that will help us maintain and serve our customers.

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Miint Design Sdn Bhd Logo

Miint Design Sdn Bhd

Branding, Graphic Design and Digital Agency in Melaka, MalaysiaWe’re a branding, design and digital agency based in Malacca that’s been operating since 2008. We successfully partner with large and small organizations to create compelling brands that differentiate from the competition and draw customers to them. Locally owned, we combine the best of East & West design culture and we believe passionately in creating unique, stunning branding, digital and printed communications that are designed to work in totally harmony with the brand’s positioning, to visually reflect and enhance the company’s aspirations. We have the confidence to be creative, the capacity to surprise and the know-how to deliver.

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Minds & Berry Sdn Bhd Logo

Minds & Berry Sdn Bhd

We are a designated one-stop Advertising agency aiming to deliver and produce an enriched value in strategic and innovative communications and marketing solutions. In addition, we are the leading solutions provider for development of corporate reporting such as Annual Reports, Sustainability Reports, Integrated Reports etc. These set us apart from our competition as we pay a lot of concentrated effort and professionalism in research to deliver quality content. A creative visual grabs your attention, conveys a message and moves your imagination. We believe in the power of creativity to deliver effective advertisements.

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Gao Production Logo

Gao Production

Gao production is the premier animation and interactive development studio. We've built our business on doing the work we love with people who share our passion. Design-driven and innovative, we specialize in producing narrative driven stories paired with complex visuals. Known for partnering with the world's most influential brands, we bring our clients’ vision to life. We take the craft of storytelling just as seriously as the animation production itself. We believe in strong memorable characters audiences will instantly identify with that have unique stories to tell.

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Artii Design Studio Sdn Bhd Logo

Artii Design Studio Sdn Bhd

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Prima Millennia Sdn Bhd Logo

Prima Millennia Sdn Bhd

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Ant Force Sdn Bhd Logo

Ant Force Sdn Bhd

Our Company specialise in providing IT solution services and Digital Marketing Services Solution to our customer. 

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We are here dedicated to educate, inspire and transform your pathway life and to lead them through this field of career. 

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OAS Media Logo

OAS Media

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