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Accommodation Provided Jobs In Malaysia

Having a roof above your head is one of the most basic and important needs of all time. We call it “home” most of the time, and it’s usually a long-term possession.

You may be worried to step out of your comfort zone and apply for jobs far away from home due to housing issues and affordability, but what if there are accommodation provided jobs in Malaysia that take care of this need of yours?

Thinking of a career change? If you are looking to know more about the best accommodation provided jobs in Malaysia, you are at the right place.

Accommodation Provided Jobs: Types of Jobs

Typically, free accommodation will be given (and prioritised) to employees who are relocating from faraway places such as outstation or even overseas!

The type of accommodation varies according to the type of job, seniority and demographic. You could be staying at a lavish condominium as an expatriate for free, or at a modest flat with 3 other housemates. Either way, they are free and it removes your worry about renting a place.

You’re probably feeling curious and excited to know the various kinds of accommodation provided jobs - after all, who wouldn’t want free shelter above their heads? Without further ado, here is the list of accommodation provided jobs that are most commonly seen:

  • Restaurant Crew
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Automotive Foreman
  • Customer Service Agent
  • Nurse
  • Factory Worker
  • Sales Representative
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Housekeeper
  • And more!

If you are looking for the accommodation provided jobs, you’d have a much larger chance if you are interested in these jobs. Moreover, many accommodation provided jobs in Malaysia also offer free meals for employees (especially those relocating from faraway places).

Accommodation Provided Jobs: The Benefits

By now, you’d probably already have a great idea about the benefits of accommodation provided jobs in Malaysia. Why would companies offer free accommodation? The answer is clear, which is to attract great talents from all around the country.

Keep reading to find out why job seekers LOVE the accommodation provided jobs in Malaysia.

Accommodation Provided Jobs Help To Save Money!

Housing is getting more unaffordable by the day. If you are relocating for a job in the city, a decent room near your working location could cost you anywhere from RM400 to RM1000 a month. Adding in groceries, utilities and transportation, saving money could be a struggle.

Receiving free accommodation would bring in extra savings, bringing you one step closer to your financial goals. Since housing is a basic need, why not have it combined with your job?

Accommodation Provided Jobs: Typical Combo

Most of the time, free accommodation comes with free employee meals as well since it’s more cost-effective to provide both benefits in bulk. Imagine having free meals on working days and accommodation on all days - pretty irresistible if you ask us.

Think about the cost savings to your wallet - you’d be able to focus on other things that matter in your life. Lastly, not having to worry about 2 out of 3 basic necessities could help you in being more productive and work on what you do best!

Accommodation Provided Jobs Are Highly Flexible

If you’d take a closer look at the list of accommodation provided jobs in Malaysia, you may have noticed that those jobs focus more on skills and passion compared to things like academic qualifications and work experience. They are great choices if you do not want to commit to staying in an area for too long.

For example, if you are tired of your corporate job in Penang, you could relocate to Selangor as a Customer Service agent. If you are provided with free accommodation, switching between jobs would be easier. Simply choose another job with accommodation provided such as a restaurant crew - which is also a job that is easy to enter.

Accommodation Provided Jobs: General Advice

If you are interested in applying for accommodation provided jobs in Malaysia, here is some general advice we have for you:

  • Be grateful - the accommodation may not be expensive and lavish, but they are still a benefit provided by the company free of charge so try to not be picky
  • Be prepared that your basic salary may not be too impressive - be sure think about the total benefit that you’d be getting from receiving free accommodation versus your basic salary
  • If you do not need the free accommodation, try to negotiate with your future employers to increase the basic salary instead

Interested to apply now? Land your dream accommodation provided jobs in Malaysia at Job Majestic today and live a Majestic life tomorrow.

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