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Nova Arte Sdn Bhd Logo

Nova Arte Sdn Bhd

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Our Story: Armarior Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Pedini Cucine (M) Sdn. Bhd.) was founded in 1993 with the aim to provide bespoke luxury furnishing and home makeover solution for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Throughout the years, various luxury property development, residential, and commercial projects have been completed under our name, with reputable success. Playing the role as planner, supplier, and manufacturer has enabled us to impeccably supervise every aspect of a design project to ensure that it fulfills our clients’ demands and desires. Design & Technology: To ensure that we can provide the best selections and services to our clients, we are constantly exploring the ever-changing market to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends. This includes visiting different countries to bring in the latest technology, especially those from European countries, like Germany and Italy, which are known for their expertise and impeccable style in space design. Craftsmanship: Based in a 70,000sqft manufacturing and warehousing facility, our team of 180 employees are made up of individuals with varied experiences and skill sets in design and manufacturing. Trained to pay extra attention to even the smallest of details, our team is known to produce works of art that feature impeccable craftsmanship and quality to flawlessly fulfil all our clients’ desires and expectations. Bespoke Luxury Furnishing: Our clients are our greatest inspiration. That is why we strive to offer exclusive bespoke experiences so exquisite that you will feel as though we’re crafting the design through your mind, creating masterpieces that do not only fulfil, but which exceed even your greatest aesthetic goals. Home Makeover Solution: A truly lifestyle-enriching space must be equally impressive in three aspects – style, craftsmanship, and functionality. Whether it’s designing for a residential or commercial environment, we meticulously ensure that every element of furnishing is perfectly fashioned to not only elevate the aesthetics of the space, but also to niftily perform its intended purpose to provide added practicality.

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Wallpaper & Carpets Distributors (M) Sdn Bhd Logo

Wallpaper & Carpets Distributors (M) Sdn Bhd

WCD is an Interior Supplier - and partners with brands from 32+ countries. Our team of 110+ currently manages products from 4 industries; (1) Wallcoverings - Original Korea Wallpaper, Premium European Wallpaper (Versace) etc. (2) Fabrics - Hotel Grade Curtains, Performance Upholstery etc. (3) Floorings - Vinyl, SPC, Rugs etc. (4) Digital Printing We're proud to say that we are a one-stop centre for soft furnishings. Any customers that we also contact - we are able to build relationships and do business with, in one form or another. Due to the diversification - our group has also been expanding positively. The working environment of the company is Fast-Paced, Systematic and Highly Rewarding. You can expect a long-term career whilst working with the group. WCD's motto is “Service and Selection”.

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There is a need for intelligent and flexible design due to ongoing shifts in the way business is conducted. The work spaces created must be able to anticipate future needs and assist organisation respond to issues shaping the environment. We provide innovative design services that is sensitive towards these needs especially solutions to emerging issues impacting the business world. TDC builds long-term partnerships with our clients in order to realize their strategic objectives through the power of design as we understand the importance of design to a successful business. That’s the reason we always put our clients’ objectives ahead of signature design. This way it always resulted in an enduring personalised solution that clients are proud to call their own. We actively engage clients in the design process by combining design consideration and experimentation with practically. This way we transform the physical environments to reflect the unique identity of our clients. With this approach, created space becomes more meaningful to the clients and inspiring to work in. We strive to maintain a great relationship with our clients and we are dedicated to creating and shaping meaningful design and spaces. With our rigorous approach to detail, we aim to create stylish and enduring designs that will contribute significantly to the built environment.

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Goldfields Concepts Sdn Bhd Logo

Goldfields Concepts Sdn Bhd

We are an Interior Design firm based in Ipoh that have experience in renovation works such as custom-made furniture, construction works and provide a full range of other services.

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SCK Interior Design And Renovation Logo

SCK Interior Design And Renovation

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Shahnaz Interiors ( M) Sdn Bhd Logo

Shahnaz Interiors ( M) Sdn Bhd

Company overview  SHAHNAZ INTERIORS established for the last 10 years, offers a full range of interior design and interior services in upnorth which includes planning, designing, project management, decorating services, deriving project costs, supervising, quality control, budget monitoring and coordination of the entire project.Our repertoire of works include exquisite commercial and glamorous workspaces & healthcare industry.   SHAHNAZ INTERIORS believes in providing our team of professionals an environment that encouraged personal growth and development. We believe that our people is our strength and that whoever that works for us will grow as individual who is motivated, enthusiastic and higly skilled and creative   We take on any interior job as a new challenge and believe in creating ambience within the budget, elegant, functional concepts and work on them with speed, the most essential factor of any interior job.   We believe that work should be “Fun” and that our team members should enjoy what they are doing and feel that they are positively contributing to the growth of the team and the company as well as contributing to humanity by creating better environments through “Good Design”   The clients trust us by unfolding their vision to us, and we bestow the trust reposed in us by converting their dreams into reality.   Our greatest satisfaction is when our client just smiles at us after the work is completed to their total satisfaction.   Above all, we belief that, the true measure of a Great Designer is the ability to see beyond the obvious and create innovative spaces which appeals to the audience.      

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A1 Arts & Construction Enterprise Logo

A1 Arts & Construction Enterprise

25 Years Experience

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IQI Concept specializes in residential and commercial turnkey solutions for a wide clientele from different industries. We provide interior solutions for clients who want to create the perfect home or office environment that fits their flair, lifestyle and philosophy.   We strive in delivering high quality and satisfaction to our clients. That’s why we embrace that every project starts with a partnership between our client and our team.

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Nadi Worldwide Sdn Bhd Logo

Nadi Worldwide Sdn Bhd

NADI Worldwide is a Malaysian-based spatial design firm, specializing in a relatively new conceptual design discipline that crosses the boundaries of traditional design specialisms such as architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, experiential design and innovative renovatory solutions.

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Rezone Interior is a fast-growing interior design and engineering contracting company, focusing on various fields of interior design including decoration, project management, furniture design and decoration, We are always looking for interior designers with a spirit of struggle, ideals and creativity to join our team and work hard together. As long as you work hard, you can definitely break through the income!

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Homa2u Logo


HOMA2u is an online to offline (O2O) building materials and interior finishes marketplace where you can find a wide range of high quality, branded and bargains materials for your house project.Reduce | Reuse | RepurposeSupporting Sustainable Systems for Earth’s Future Generations  The way many people build their homes is by going through endless quotations, stores and sifting through prices. This process can bring unnecessary stress to a new homeowner.  But building a home should be exciting. The journey of turning a house into a home should be an experience worth keeping.  We built HOMA2u to bring back the excitement and joy to homeowners like yourself. Whether you are reconstructing your house or just looking for a new water filter, we are here to help.

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AVANTEX is headed by the Principal and Associate Directors, who have wide ranging local and international experience. The founding directors are from diverse international background and enables the firm to adopt best practices from a global perspective. The key directors of the firm are: Lim Chin Aik Yoon Lai Chong Boon Joon Siang Gan Boon Pin We have always taken great care in choosing our people, ensuring that every single member of our team believes in and upholds the “AVANTEX”. Because they shoulder both our credibility and are responsible for our success, The directors are supported at the mid-level management by a group of dedicated and qualified engineers whom are specialist in their area of expertise. The Management team have been tasked with different roles and responsibilities for design, project management, construction, contracts and marketing. It is this complementary supporting role that gives us the framework to deliver to our clients a high quality level professional service. It is not often that we find a silver lining in the midst of crisis, but the characteristics of resilience, personal sacrifice, and integrity that are a part of our DNA today, are a direct result of the lessons we have learnt along the way. Being able to withstand whatever comes our way, is what gives us confidence that we will continue to exceed expectations well into the future.

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Interior Design And Provision Of Renovation Works

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KAH YONG CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING SDN BHD was established in 1993. Over the years, Kah Yong has successfully undertaken and completed commercial and residential interior renovation works. The company has since became one of the leading interior and exterior renovation firm in Selangor, Malaysia.Kah Yong is one of your Residential Contractor. We specialize in office / home improvement, interior / exterior remodeling, office innovation and maintenance with over 20 years experience. Browse our range of specialties and our 1 Stop Gallery, which compile our completed projects.

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ZONE Designworks Sdn Bhd Logo

ZONE Designworks Sdn Bhd

ZONE Architect is an international architecture and design consultancy firm that has been established for 23 years. Our head office is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with a full branch office in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Sydney, Yangon, and Ho Chi Minh. We have successfully delivered projects worth more than RM3 billion and have undertaken projects in Australia, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Currently, our office in Abu Dhabi has been engaged to carry out projects in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman as well as in the Sultanate of Oman.The Management Team has been tasked with different roles and responsibilities for design, management, construction, contracts, and marketing. It is this complementary supporting role that gives us the framework to deliver to our clients a high-quality level of professional service. We have successfully designed and delivered projects for a diverse range of clients including public listed firms, private corporations, government agencies, and individual personalities. The category of projects covers a broad range of building types in the following areas: • Urban Planning • Commercial Buildings • Hotels and Resorts • Industrial Buildings • Institutional Facilities • Residential Developments • Interior Design • Public Institutional Buildings Our project team is made up of over 35 personnel, are rigorously selected and trained to perform at peak level. We ensure the team members are part of a continuous training and development program to keep up with the latest building techniques  Our focus is to understand our clients’ needs; through our experience, innovation and creativity, formulate design solutions that are both practical, elegant, and sustainable.

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IN Interior specialises in interior fit-out, refurbishment and building upgrade project since incorporated in 2005, with over 14 years of hands on experience. Our track record in delivering complex projects in occupied environments has make us a market leader in commercial interior construction and registered with construction industry development board CIDB category G7. IN Interior understands that for most businesses, creating the right environment is critical to its success. Our portfolio includes corporate workplaces, MNC clients and commercial sectors. By thoroughly understanding and reviewing the project requirement, coupled with our solid and comprehensive construction knowledge, IN Interior has been able to assimilate ourselves efficiently and effectively into project, whether at planning/design or construction stage. We offer our clients a personalized and seamless service by ensuring that senior management is consistently involved. Since our inception in 2005 and our proven success delivering more than 3 million SQFT spaces, we have become one of the most highly preferred fit-out contractors in Malaysia and are rapidly achieving the same recognition in Singapore. Our team are passionate about delivering uncompromising quality via a collaborative and proactive project delivery approach. Certainly of delivery and quality is our hallmark and sits at the core of our business methods and everything we do. You can rely on IN Interior to deliver your fit out, on time and on budget. We are committed to delivering a high-quality finish on all of our projects and work closely alongside our specialist consultants, suppliers and trades to achieve this as our portfolio continues to grow so too does our enthusiasm to inspire and enhance people’s lives through the spaces in which they exist.

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Min Key Builders Sdn Bhd Logo

Min Key Builders Sdn Bhd

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