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SSM 注册号: 1181797-V

总共 50 - 99 名员工

15-03, LEVEL 15 MENARA MBMR, NO. 1, JALAN SYED PUTRA, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Liger Infinity Sdn Bhd is the fastest leading Outsourced Sales & Marketing Company that collaborates with clients across different countries in providing professional marketing solution via face-to-face marketing.
5 words that describe us:

1) Teamwork
This is the culture within the organisation, leveraging from one another to achieve individual and company’s goals. Having teamwork set no boundaries towards how much we can achieve and we are able to overcome any challenges as we have each other back!

2) Development
We do not develop people to be a great salesman, we develop people to be a better person. We focus on personal development as we believe that if you are a good person to start off with, you will be a good leader.

3) Fun
Openness by creating fun environment is very important in an organisation. Fun learning environment enable thinking out of the box as working is part of life. So, let’s enjoy the process!

4) Transparent / Open communication
Giving trust is part of the organisation culture. Everyone within the organisation can express their thoughts. People will know what to expect and unlikely to encounter unpleasant surprises. It also shows potential towards having a clear career platform where people can achieve

5) Engaged / Involved
This connects everyone within the organisation and work towards same direction.
The organisation acknowledging everyone’s contribution at work as well as their pursuit of personal interests. We engage people from diverse background and bring different perspectives to the table to increase innovation.





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