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Mutiara International Grammar School Sdn Bhd

Mutiara International Grammar School (MIGS) is a privately-owned international school located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We offer the National Curriculum of England (up to IGCSE). Our students and teachers come from all over the world. Guided by our values of Discovering Potential, Learning to Care and Respecting Differences __ we strive to shape our students into becoming global citizens. With a current student body (aged 4 - 16) of approximately 350, we are a small but vibrant school.  The school is presently undergoing exciting and challenging development and change process. In line with the school’s expansion programme, MIGS is looking for suitably qualified candidates to fill teaching and other positions. We are seeking experienced and committed candidates who are able to work collaboratively in a multicultural setting and who share our values and aspirations. 

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Little Caliphs International Sdn Bhd Logo

Little Caliphs International Sdn Bhd

Best Islamic kindergarten established since January 2003 with Islamic English Creative Preschool Program for your little caliph. Curriculum Mission: Our mission is to instill the LOVE of Islam and knowledge to young children as an early preparation for the to become righteous: Slaves of Allah, Khalifah of Allah & Ummat of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.To give young learners a wonderful and effective learning experiences using best practices in early childhood education. Business Mission: To provide aspiring entrepreneurs with a credible investment and business opportunity in Islamic-English-Creative pre-school education service provision. Vision: The Little Caliphs Program® being adopted by kindergartens all over the world so that the young generations will be enlightened with the light of islam at the early stage of their lives, having the correct understanding and positive attitude towards islam and knowledge

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Pusat Jagaan Inovasi Ilmu Logo

Pusat Jagaan Inovasi Ilmu

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StayNPlay Childcare Centre Logo

StayNPlay Childcare Centre

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Casuarina Child Development Sdn Bhd Logo

Casuarina Child Development Sdn Bhd

Private Kingarten 

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Pusat Perkembangan Minda Kaedah Efektif Logo

Pusat Perkembangan Minda Kaedah Efektif

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CRAFT La Sdn Bhd Logo

CRAFT La Sdn Bhd

CRAFT La was created to act as a platform for creative makers to share their passion for their crafts and expertise to the public. Since 2017, we have been supporting local creative artists by connecting them to worldwide audience. We aim to inspire you to start learning unique arts and crafts to gain new skills through the eyes of our artists. Find inspirations and gain new skills with this community. Embark on your creative journey today at CRAFT La! Just CRAFT La!

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VKids Trend Sdn Bhd Logo

VKids Trend Sdn Bhd

An internet-based Education Business Company that provides a platform for Malaysian students ranging from Preschool - Secondary Form 5; we believe e-Learning is a New Age Learning for all Malaysian students today. In correlation with the e-Learning platform, we also serve as a training academy that provides various personal development goals or plans and education-related training programs that tailor to the current market. We believe that education is a fundamental need and everyone should have access to higher quality education.

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Sree Knowledge Provider Sdn. Bhd. Logo

Sree Knowledge Provider Sdn. Bhd.

SREE KNOWLEDGE PROVIDER (SK) was founded by a group of industry experts, ex-military personnel, academicians who have vast experience in human capital development. SKP established an internal academic board comprised of members from industry, associations, and academia to advise and monitor the company's operations. SK is pleased to play a vital role in the provision of lifelong learning in line with the national demand for human capital development. To meet this, we had to include the provision of Executive Educational Programs, Professional Programs, Training Programs, In-House Programs, Conferences and Consultancy Services to the industries.

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Herzen Tech Sdn Bhd Logo

Herzen Tech Sdn Bhd


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Centeline Asia Sdn Bhd (REMS Academy) Logo

Centeline Asia Sdn Bhd (REMS Academy)

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Focus Psychology Academy Sdn Bhd Logo

Focus Psychology Academy Sdn Bhd

FOCUS PSYCHOLOGY ACADEMY SDN. BHD. (1409709-T) 向心学院是马来西亚第一家中文心理学培训学院。我们提供潜意识体验课与存在主义团体心理咨询,帮助人们面对个人生活、关系和情绪上的困扰。 向心的使命:1) 提高大众对于心理学的正确认识2) 普及化心理学,人人都学心理3) 推广存在主义团体体验,帮助人们过一个健康、自由和真实的幸福人生“用心体验,向心出发”

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Future Education Technology Logo

Future Education Technology

We are in the Education Field and provide solutions for Preschool, Primary and Secondary School children to adapt and learn effectively from home using a method they like

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Tadika Impian Kita Logo

Tadika Impian Kita

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VGRO (xueda) Education Logo

VGRO (xueda) Education

Founded in 2007, VGRO Education Group is a tech-based tutoring company helping students of all ages achieve their fullest potential. There are over 5,000 registered students annually coming from all Malaysian states, and we successfully cultivated excellent SPM graduates for 15 years with over 502 students achieving 8As and/or above.We also partnered with software experts in customising our own learning app to offer both online and offline modes. Concurrently, we launched a new learning app from China focusing on 1-to-1 English oral training. Using our individualised teaching methods, combined with our friendly, engaging and highly-dedicated teachers, over 80% of students have made significant progress! Passionate about empowering education through love and technology? Join our team today!

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Pusat Tuisyen Profesion Pertama Logo

Pusat Tuisyen Profesion Pertama

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Ardence International Secondary School Logo

Ardence International Secondary School

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Metanoia Training & Counseling Hub Logo

Metanoia Training & Counseling Hub

Our education center was established in 2018. Our main services include children's leadership training, parenting growth seminars, and corporate training.Over the past five years, we have successfully trained 31,000 individuals in personal and professional development, as well as delivered motivational and leadership training in 150 primary and secondary schools throughout Malaysia. Besides, our founder Leong Wee Hao awarded as Malaysia Influential Educators in year 2022, and he is highlighted as Successful People in Malaysia by Britishpedia (5th Edition). Besides, he is the Licensed NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trainer, which endorsed by the NLP founder Dr. Richard Bandler.

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WRtrader Academy Sdn Bhd Logo

WRtrader Academy Sdn Bhd

WR bermaksud "Wave Retracement". WR Trader telah diasaskan oleh Wafi Azian sejak 2012. WRtrader merupakan satu platform yang menyediakan training dan seminar . Ia bertujuan melatih dan mendidik trader untuk berjaya didalam bidang Teknikal Analisa. Teknikal Analisa digunakan oleh para trader untuk menjana keuntungan dalam Pasaran Hadapan seperti FCPO, Crude Oil dan lain-lain lagi. Syarikat ini bersama-sama Trainer dan kakitangan pengurusan merupakan tulang belakang sedang berusaha meningkat maju kehadapan. Sertai Kami untuk berkongsi kepakaran anda di dalam bidang IT, multimedia, dan dunia digital bagi bersaing di dalam pasaran ekonomi yang sihat.

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We are preschool set in a modern learning environment with experienced and passionate educators who utilise unconventional educational frameworks to maximise children’s learning experiences.  Our objective is to provide a variety of learning strategies through fun activities which caters to the needs of children from different ages. We have fitted out the school with all the best teaching tools and aids to ensure our children will have a very comfortable and hygienic learning environment.  Our children are always our first priority & we strongly value the partnership between families & school in order to attain their highest individual potential while they enjoy their early school learning experiences.    

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